Abortion Statistics

Abortion statistics

Abortion Statistics Facts

Abortion Statistics: There are 56 million premature births each year and the worldwide yearly rate of fetus removal is 35 for each every 1,000 ladies. 25% of all pregnancies on the planet ended in premature births. The most astounding yearly rate of premature birth is in the Caribbean at 59 for every 1,000 ladies, trailed by South America, at 48. The most minimal rate is in Western Europe at 16 for each 1 000 ladies

Ladies in creating districts have a higher probability of having a premature birth than those in created locales—36 versus 27 for each 1,000. The evaluated worldwide fetus removal rate is 35 for each 1,000 for wedded ladies and 26 for every 1,000 for unmarried ladies. Eastern Europe encountered the biggest decrease in its premature birth rate, from 88 to 42 for every 1,000 somewhere in the range of 1994 and 2014

Prompted fetus removal is therapeutically sheltered when WHO-prescribed techniques are utilized via prepared people, less protected when just one of those two criteria is met, and least safe when nor is met. Of the world’s 1.64 billion ladies of regenerative age, 6% live where fetus removal is prohibited out and out, and 37% live where it is permitted without confinement as to the reason.

Starting at 2010–2014, the general fetus removal rate in Africa is 34 for every 1,000 ladies. Subregional rates extend from 31 in Western Africa to 38 in Northern Africa; premature birth rates in these subregions have changed close to nothing or not in the least since 1990–1994. Premature birth rates go from 33 in Central America to 48 in South America to 59 in the Caribbean

There are 99 million unplanned pregnancies every year in the world and of these 56% end in abortion.

The global rate of unplanned pregnancies declined from 74 to 62 per 1,000 women between 1994 and 2014

8% of maternal deaths worldwide are from unsafe abortion leading to 22,800 woman dying every year

In 2012 at least 6.9 million women were treated for complications from unsafe abortions (7 per 1000) for women aged 15–44.

Induced abortion is medically safe when WHO-recommended methods are used by trained persons

25 million (45%) unsafe abortions are done every year. 6% of women live where abortion is banned outright.

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