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Abortion is Safe, Legal and available for everyone. Immediate Appointments are available

Johannesburg Abortion Clinic offers both early and late abortion services in a discreet and professional setting. If you’re looking for an affordable and private women’s clinic in South Africa, their team can assist with every aspect. The choice to have an abortion is personal, so finding a reliable clinic with expert care and support is key. If you need advice or guidance on abortion services, consult trusted medical professionals or reputable clinics for help.

Dr. Nico’s Abortion Clinic in Johannesburg offers same-day surgical and medical abortion services. Many women choose medical abortion for its privacy and control, as it involves taking prescribed medication at home. Surgical abortion is more invasive and is done in-clinic, providing immediate results. Both options are available to suit different preferences. If you’re considering an abortion, consult with our women’s clinic for guidance and support.

Medication Abortion at Home (Telehealth)


Abortion Preparation

Telehealth abortion allows you to receive expert abortion care at home, providing privacy and flexibility. This option is ideal for barriers like transportation, childcare, or work commitments.

In a telehealth abortion, a healthcare provider consults with you via phone call, prescribes medication, and provides detailed instructions on the medical abortion process. Typically, this involves taking two pills at specific times to end the pregnancy.

Follow-up care is crucial to ensure the abortion is complete and to check for complications. The provider may schedule a follow-up phone call or require an in-person visit for further assessment.

Safe, Legal abortion Clinic services

Uncertain about what to do when pregnant? It might be frightening, but you’re not alone. The knowledgeable, compassionate Nico Women Clinic team will provide you with all the truthful information you need. We support you in choosing what’s best for you. Therefore, don’t feel pressured or judged. Support is really crucial.

Women’s Clinic in Johannesburg

The confidentiality of our patients is very important to us. We have rigorous guidelines to ensure that no data about our patients will be disclosed to third parties. The clinic will never distribute your contact information or any information on your condition or proposed course of treatment.


Medical Vs Surgical Procedure

The best and safest option to end an early pregnancy is using abortion pills. For women who cannot afford surgical options, they are also the cheapest choice. One of the most popular ways to stop pregnancy is using the pill. Even though it is safe for many years, many people are still curious about how it works.


Book an appointment at Johannesburg Abortions Clinic today. We offer convenient online, phone, and text scheduling options. We strive to accommodate busy schedules with same-day or next-day appointments when possible. Our compassionate healthcare professionals provide safe and confidential abortion services with personalized care and support. Contact us now to schedule your appointment.

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