July 22, 2024
Abortion Clinics
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Unwanted Pregnancy

Unwanted Pregnancy! While most terminations take place because the pregnancy was unwanted, this is not always the case. Making a decision to end a wanted pregnancy can be extremely distressing and isolating, for the pregnant woman herself and for those around her.

If you have received a diagnosis of a serious fetal or maternal health problem, or experienced a sudden and drastic change in your circumstances, you might be considering ending your pregnancy. Women and couples consider this for a broad range of reasons – most often because of fetal or maternal health problems, but sometimes also due to a significant health issue or accident to a partner or existing child, a breakdown of their relationship, an escalation in violence, a sudden change in financial situation, or other big and significant life events. 

Ending a wanted pregnancy can be a very difficult time, and often involves a broad range of factors that may impact on your decision making or your feelings toward your decision. You might feel, among other emotions: 

  • unsure about your capacity to deal with the lifelong needs of a child with a disability;
  • concern about the suffering and the quality of life of the child;
  • worried about the pressure on your relationships and the needs of others;
  • challenged by the thought of bringing a child into the world when their parent may be too sick to care for them;
  • conflicted by different values and beliefs about abortion;
  • overwhelmed by uncertainty;
  • struggling to deal with a decision about your pregnancy on top of other significant events taking place in your life. 

Where a wanted pregnancy is being ended due to fetal abnormality or maternal health issues there can be lots of medical information to take on board at a time of stress.  This information can be difficult to remember and hard to make sense of. A support person can be invaluable at this time.

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