Safe Abortion legalised in South Africa: The Blue Ribbon Campaign

Cape Town. ‘My Body, My Choice.’ The Blue Ribbon campaign supports women’s rights to safe and legal abortions. Furthermore, we aim to empower women with access to accurate information and resources about safe abortions so that they are able to make an Read More

Abortion in Johannesburg:Women don’t know where to go

More than 21 years after the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act was passed, women’s freedom of choice is limited by poor information about where they can go for safe abortions. The Act legalises abortions during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, at 13 Read More

Why South African women are opting for clandestine abortions

NEARLY every lamp post, rubbish bin and brick wall in Johannesburg’s downtown is plastered with garish ads offering abortions that are “quick, safe and pain-free”, and just a phone call away. So when Busi, a student, unintentionally fell pregnant while far from Read More

Abortion Pill info|Abortion pill cost in Johannesburg

MEDICAL TERMINATION OF PREGNANCY WITH MIFESPRITONE & MISOPROSTOL If you realize you are pregnant early, medical abortion may be an alternative to surgical abortion. These tablets together are commonly known as the abortion pill. In a surgical abortion the pregnancy is removed Read More