June 24, 2024
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Is abortion safe?

Safe abortion is a common procedure. There are a number of reasons why women may decide to have an abortion, including financial constraints, a desire to complete their education or training, relationship issues and personal health reasons. Safe abortion can be carried out safely in the early stages of pregnancy by administering medication or using vacuum aspiration. In later stages of pregnancy, it is necessary for the woman to undergo surgical intervention so that the foetus can be removed from her body if she chooses this method instead. Book your appointment at Nico women’s Clinic

Safe abortion does not harm your body in any way. It does not cause infertility in later life and it doesn’t make you more likely to develop cancer or other serious diseases.

How does it work?

The abortion pill works by causing the uterus to expel its contents. It’s a medication abortion that can be done up to 10 weeks after your last period, or within seven days of conception if you know that you’re pregnant.

You’ll take two pills: one within 72 hours of your first appointment and another 24-48 hours later (or more). You’ll then need to visit your doctor for follow-up care about four to six weeks after taking the second pill, depending on how long it generally takes for a pregnancy test to turn positive. This visit is important because it allows your doctor to make sure things go according to plan. If something doesn’t seem right or hurts at all during this time, call them right away!

What are the risks?

It is important to remember that the risks of abortion are minimal. The risks of the procedure are similar to those associated with a miscarriage, which is why many women choose to have an abortion at home by themselves or with their partner instead of going to a medical facility.

  • Bleeding. Serious bleeding can occur after an abortion and may require surgery or transfusion if not treated quickly enough. This happens in less than 1 out of every 100 procedures but it can still happen if you’re not careful!

Abortion is a very safe procedure.

Abortion is a very safe procedure. According to the most recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, more than one million women have abortions each year and less than 1% of patients experience complications that require hospitalization. Abortion has no effect on your future fertility or ability to become pregnant in the future. It’s possible that you may experience some cramping after an abortion but most women don’t need any medication at all except for pain relief if they choose it during recovery time at home.

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