July 15, 2024
Women's Clinic Near Me
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Women’s Clinic Johannesburg

Women’s Clinic Near Me» We offer a range of women’s health services including;

We will talk with you about your thoughts and feelings regarding the pregnancy. This discussion is focused completely on your needs and the options available to you. Initially, you will be seen on your own to talk about the pregnancy and about your options, which are to:

Continue the pregnancy and arrange for adoption or fostering

Continue the pregnancy and become a parent

End the pregnancy with an abortion

Safe termination services(Pills and surgical).

A safe termination is a procedure to end a pregnancy up to 9 weeks after the first day of your last period. Two methods can be used for this: pills and surgery.

Pills are more commonly used for first-trimester abortions, as they have fewer side effects and can be obtained over the counter in most countries. This is why they’re also known as medical abortion or RU486 (the medication used). They are taken in combination with another drug called mifepristone to cause miscarriage, which may take several days to complete. The average cost of medical abortion pills is between R800-R3000 at the Women’s Clinic near me Johannesburg depending on whether you need additional tests done before taking the pills – check out our price list here if you’d like to know more about prices!

A surgical abortion involves removing tissue from inside the uterus using suction or vacuum aspiration tools under local anaesthetic (numbing agents). The procedure takes about 5 minutes and recovery time varies from person to person but generally takes around 24 hours before returning home again! The cost of surgical abortions depends on various factors like whether it’s performed by doctors or nurses/midwives; length of gestation; extras such as antibiotics etc…

We offer a range of women’s health services including;

We provide women’s health services including:

  • Safe termination services: We offer a range of safe abortion services. This includes early medical abortion at our Johannesburg Women’s Clinic and surgical termination at our Pretoria Women’s Clinic.
  • Pregnancy termination: We also provide pregnancy testing, family planning, coil fitting, emergency contraception (EC) and long-term contraceptive options such as the IUD or Depo Provera injection.
  • Birth Control & Emergency Contraception (EC): Our doctors will discuss with you your options for an effective method of contraception. You can choose from the pill, implants, injections – Depo Provera or Mirena – or one of the copper devices such as Implanon or Paragard IUD (copper intrauterine device). Different kinds of injections may be suitable for you depending on whether you want to prevent pregnancy for more than three months or less than three months; whether it needs to be taken daily; how often it is required etcetera. Your doctor will explain all these options in detail before deciding which type might be best suited to you given your circumstances.*


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