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Abortion Clinic Services in Polokwane at affordable Prices. If you just found out you are pregnant and are considering terminating your pregnancy. Women have many important reasons for choosing to end a pregnancy. Only you can decide what is best for you besides people’s decisions.

Because it is a difficult and important decision to make. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers. Our caring staff is committed to guiding you through these sensitive times.

The abortion pill (Abortion Clinic Polokwane

The abortion pill also called medical abortion, or RU486 is a method to end pregnancy non-surgically with medication. This method is available to women up to 20 weeks of pregnancy.

How does the abortion pill work?

First, you take a pill called mifepristone which stops the pregnancy from growing. Second, at your home, 24 to 48 hours after taking the first pill, you take a set of 4 pills called misoprostol. The medical abortion process (abortion pill) has two steps and includes two different medicines. The second set of pills empties the uterus, and you will experience cramping and heavy bleeding during this process. The abortion-by-pill has a success rate of 91-98%.

How confidential is the service?

We understand the need for confidentiality and have a legal duty to protect your privacy. We keep information about you safe and secure because we care for you.

How do you know if the abortion pill has worked?


later 3-4 weeks after your procedure you can check up and sonogram to make sure that your medical abortion was successful and your uterus is empty. If the abortion fails, you may need to repeat the process or have an in-clinic procedure. The 3-4 weeks it’s for the hormones to lower down because if you test in a few days after the procedure it will show False positive

What if the pill doesn’t work?

In a small percentage of cases, the medicine given for non-surgical abortion does not cause an abortion (a miscarriage). In these cases, the patient could require a surgical abortion procedure.

Will abortion affect my ability to get pregnant in the future?

If your treatment is uncomplicated it won’t cause any issues with future pregnancies. There is no proven connection between abortion and future infertility

NOTE:  Abortion services Polokwane offers medical abortions (abortion pill).

We do -not- perform Surgical Abortions in our Clinic, but we will gladly refer you to other clinics

About Surgical Abortion

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