Abortion Clinic/Consultation

Termination of Pregnancy

The Decision on End of Pregnancy Act No. 92 of 1996 gives all ladies the privilege to a free fetus removal (end of pregnancy), at an administration emergency clinic or facility during the initial 3 months of pregnancy.

Ladies of any age reserve the privilege to a fetus removal and ought to never be denied the help in light of their age. It’s, notwithstanding, fitting to be joined by a confided grown-up (a parent, auntie or instructor) for help in case you’re under 18.

Abortion methods

In case you’re thinking about going for a fetus removal, address a nursing expert about the most secure techniques accessible to you.

Medical Abortions

Clinical fetus removals use prescription (pills or tablets) as they were. It’s accessible for ladies who are somewhere in the range of 4 and 9 weeks pregnant. The length of the interaction is diverse for every lady except it typically requires a couple of days. A lady may encounter side effects like a premature delivery.

Surgical Abortions

Careful early terminations include a medical attendant (as long as 12 weeks of pregnancy) or a specialist (from 12 to 20 weeks) directing an equivalent day strategy in a facility or emergency clinic.

Where can you have a safe abortion?

Government clinics, assigned private specialists and gynaecologists offer protected and lawful end of pregnancy.

To have a free fetus removal, the solicitation should be made at an essential medical care centre, where the pregnancy will be affirmed, guiding gave, an arrangement made, and a reference letter is given to an office where the strategy can be performed.

Not all wellbeing laborers will be associated with this help, yet they are committed by law to educate the customer regarding her privileges and should allude the customer to a wellbeing specialist or office, where she can get assistance at one of these Western Cape Wellbeing Offices.

Ladies are encouraged to go for protected, lawful fetus removals instead of “backstreet” early terminations that are probably going to imperil their wellbeing and their lives.


How might you access the assistance?

Dr conversing with a female patient.

In case you’re a first-time guest to a wellbeing office, you’ll be approached to finish a structure and an envelope will be opened.

You will require the accompanying:

Your authority ID archive.

Your reference letter (if important).

Any drug you are taking.

Your centre/medical clinic card on the off chance that you have recently enrolled at the office.

You should sign an educated assent structure giving consent for the early termination to be finished.

Note: Wellbeing laborers who are reluctant to give the help under any circumstance should allude you to an associate who will do as such; or to the suitable medical services office close to you with a reference letter and a booking.

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