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Termination of Pregnancy

Abortion Clinic Johannesburg Call +27608366772. We perform Abortions up to the 24th week of pregnancy. Medically (with tablets) or surgically (in-clinic procedure). Most women are well afterward. No evidence having an abortion reduces your chances of having a family when the time is right.

What are my choices?

Finding out that you are unexpectedly pregnant can be very worrying. You may feel that you need a solution straightaway. If possible, try to take a few days to collect your thoughts and talk to people. Usually women find out they are pregnant as soon as they miss a period. This makes you very early in the pregnancy. An abortion can take place at any time up to 24 weeks in the pregnancy, so there is no need to rush to make a decision.

Medical abortion

For a medical abortion, we use two types of medicine which together cause you effectively to have a miscarriage. We provide you with a tablet called mifepristone to take. You will be asked to stay for a couple of hours, to make sure you are not sick after it. You are then allowed to go home until the next tablet.

Surgical abortion

Before the procedure, you may have a tablet put in the vagina to help make the neck of the womb (cervix) softer. This helps the procedure go smoothly.

If you have a surgical abortion you will come back to the clinic for the procedure. The procedure is quite quick (normally 10 minutes or less) but you can stay until the effect of any sedation (or an anesthetic) has worn off. This varies between people but is normally a couple of hours. They will also want to check that you are not bleeding heavily and can pass urine without a problem.

No procedure is without risks; however, major problems are very rare. The most common complication is infection. This occurs in 1 in 10 procedures. Before the abortion, the risk is reduced by screening for the germs (bacteria) usually responsible and by giving antibiotics.

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